Buying A Franchise

By Ron Simmons

Buying a franchise is no guarantee of success. However, it does afford you (most often) the availability of  company developed systems by the franchisor. The franchisor may help you find a location, provide training as well as an operating manual, advice on management and marketing. There is also the benefit of a branded product of service already in place. These benefits may cost you an enormous amount of money on the front end as well as require you to give up a great deal of control over the business under the contract. Either way, here is a short list of things to think about if you are considering the purchase of a franchise-

  1. Find a desirable Franchisor.
  2. Check to see if they are on the  website as a listed franchisor.
  3. Ask for their “offering circular” or sometimes called the “prospectus”. If they are a true federally regulated franchisor they should have one available. Review and read.
  4. (If Franchise already exists) Acquire and review 3-year financial history of the business.
  5. Search social media for online reviews.
  6. Attend an SBDC Starting a Business class
  7. Make an appointment with an SBDC Consultant and become a client at no/charge.
  8. Inquire about an established outline that provides guidelines from the Franchisor for a business plan that is proprietary to the particular industry type. If there is not one available, ask your SBDC consultant for assistance with writing a business and marketing plan.
  9.  Secure financing if necessary.
  10.  Open your business with all the necessary licenses and permits, bank account, tax #’s, etc.
  11.  Follow-up with your SBDC Consultant

For more information on buying a franchise, see the following link to A Consumer’s Guide To Buying a Franchise.Source:



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