USP…salt on your customers buying palate creates loyalty

By Dede Gossageglass

I was eating recently and thought how much improved the fare on my plate was with a little salt and seasoning.  It’s the same with your brand.  Preference is usually based on need or that notable something.

We call that your USP (Unique Selling Point). My phone has it because I get so many free apps. My dress shoes have it because the brand I buy is made especially for people with high arches. My car has it because the brand is dependable, gas conscious and I particularly like the customer care.

Are you notable? How? I love the pharmacy tech at my local Grocery. His name is Matt and I have taken the time to write his boss in corporate about him. I like him because he spends time helping me with my prescriptions…extra time and effort.  He’s researched drug manufacturing company coupons for me and encourages me when I am come in looking like I’ve been run over with a backhoe (looked that way this past Winter with the flu). I don’t think he does this because he has to, but I believe he genuinely cares about me and about helping me. Grocery pharmacies are in every store and there is a pharmacy parked on many busy corner lots, but I keep my account at this particular store because of Matt. It’s the unique customer service relationship that keeps me loyal.

What’s your USP? I guarantee you if you make it notable and take the risk factor out of the process (which causes resistance to purchasing), you will develop a loyal following because you are providing your customer with something that makes a difference. You offer them repetitive assurance on something that has to do with your product or service.  When L.L. Bean switched over to using Federal Express for their customer deliveries, it wasn’t so much because people wanted their orders delivered faster. It was because the certainty of the delivery date and the ability to track the package in real time gave people needed assurance.  Matt at Publix gives me that assurance and so does my phone and shoes brand, etc. I’m not picky, just customer quirky and it’s those odd perks that keep me loyal.



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