The Three-Legged Marketing Stool – Part 3

This article is part 3 of a 3 part message about using a combined mix of traditional, digital and social media marketing tools to create a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Combining Your Tools to Create a Strategy –Marketing Strategy

As a wrap-up, many business owners ask,  ‘what’s the right marketing tool mix for my business?’ I suggest you start with a few non-negotiable tools combining traditional, digital and social media. For example, business cards, a social site or two and some kind of web presence may be a good start. But don’t stop there – tool integration is the key to your success!

This past year I read a great book, The Fusion Marketing Bible, by my friend Lon Safko. His tool, the Safko Wheel, helps to organize and integrate several tools into one strategy using a method called Fusion Marketing. The tool has been accepted by the United States Patent & Trademark Office as “Patent Pending” and is available when you purchase his book.

Defining your right marketing mix and reaching your customer is based on who you believe your potential or existing customers (including friends and family) are, and finding where they are looking for your information. You may not get it right with every tool but measuring what you do will help you fine tune your mix. Again, the key is the integration process which maximizes the use of each tool in a cross pollination pattern.

Think, how can I link my shopping cart to my business cards and how can I link my Pinterest account with my promotional items – how can I link my web site to my newsletter and a QR code? How can I link my QR code to my letterhead? Your marketing plan becomes a massive web of interconnected tools that help you stay connected to your customer AND help your customer develop an affinity for your products or services because among other things,  you are easily found through a number avenues!

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