Building Audience Interest

Our intern David Black brought my attention to an article from concerning building a social network. The article outlines a good strategy to follow as you follow social media guidelines of engagement, reach and activity. The goal is to develop a strategy to build a quality network – one you can measure with real outcome.

When I create content, I also follow another set of mental guidelines in a post or an article:

Facts: Evidenced typically from a source
Parallels – Conceptual conclusions I have drawn based on research information
Relevance – Relevant material to my audience
Activity – A call to action – BEWARE – overuse of this 4th item can create a disinterested audience.

I rarely think about this list until I complete a series of thoughtful insights because I don’t want to stifle creativity. However, audience engagement is ingrained in my mind. It’s no wonder I often think; will my audience be interested? (Thus the importance of knowing who my audience when I address them).

As a sideline, (and giving credit where credit it due), several weeks ago I took Gregorc’s Mind Style Delineator (see source). Dr Kathy Koch, ) gave me the assessment and then educated me on Mind Styles. I have been writing articles and posting for some time. It was very encouraging to see that I had followed Gregorc’s suggestion to address all Mind Styles in the first few minutes of putting together content, especially if I am addressing a wide network of people. (The same holds true when you create content as a speaker).

If you are interested in more of this discussion thread, please write a comment on this post or call the office at 770-531-5681. Our team would like to talk with you about creating good content for your online strategy.

Make it a super day!


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By Dede Gossage