StartSmart 2013 Application/Flyer

Link to application:

Click to access startsmart-2013-application-flyer.pdf

StartSmart 2013 Course Outline
Week 1: Foundations
-Intro of program and ice breaker (Intro of your neighbor)
-Pre & early stage realities
-Review and comments
-Takeaways & homework

Week 2: Market Research and Structure
-Welcome & homework recap
-Market research
-Attorney re: Legal forms of business
-Group roundtable of legal forms – “choose your form”
-Review & comments
-Takeaways & homework

Week 3: Capturing the Market
-Marketing Mix & planning
-Activity (Using the Marketing Grid to plan)
-Review & Comments
-Takeaways & homework (complete the grid for next week)

Week 4: Efficient Operations
-Organizational structure; Policies & Procedures
-Technology planning
-Activity (Visualize Your Company Structure in 2017)
-Review & comments
-Takeways & homework (complete your org chart for next week)

Week 5: Financial Foundations
-Start Up costs: What and where to get them.
-direct & indirect costs (sources and assumptions)
-How to project financials: Sequence and documentation
-Financial Concepts (Cash flow, profit & loss, balance sheets-Janet Kalp, CPA)
-Activity (reading a P&L and a balance sheet and filling in the blanks)
– Review & comments
– Takeways & homework (complete year one cash flow for next week)

Week 6: Financial Plan
-Breakeven calculation
-Activity (breakeven calculations for the group’s businesses)
-Review & comments
-Takeaways & homework (calculate YOUR breakeven based on your assumptions so far).

Week 7 Bringing it Together
-Types of Loans
-What Bankers want to see and how they look at your plan
-Activity (Reading a business plan example and critique)
-Review & Comments
-Takeaways & comments (homework: Present your Executive Summary next week)

Week 8: Graduation and Implementation
-Takeaway & comments


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