Costly Hiring Mistakes

Studies have shown that a bad hiring decision is one of the most costly mistakes a small business can make. In addition to the money spent, it costs on average 2 full years of normal productivity before it is corrected! Think about it – it includes the time spent  training the employee, observing performance, coaching, setting improvement metrics, warnings, terminating the employee, searching, screening, interviewing and hiring a replacement employee, and training the replacement employee! Business owners want to be very careful during the hiring process to insure that they have “the right person in the right seat on the bus”. The right interview questions can yield a world of information about the candidate and make this process easier.

Vistage CEO, Tim Fulton’s Five Favorite Interview Questions

#1. “What do you know about this organization?”

Typically, this is my first question. It amazes me that in this information world that we live in how many job applicants know very little about the company they are interviewing at. For me, this is an early test as to how much this candidate is truly interested in this job. Can you imagine interviewing for a job and not doing your due diligence ahead of time to see what the company does? Happens far too frequently.

#2. Behavioral Interviewing questions.

These are the best questions you can possibly ask in a job interview. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior under similar circumstances. These questions focus on past behavior.


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