Boomers: Technology Adolescence

Dede Gossage
I get very concerned when I hear business owners complain about the use of technology in business (marketing and internet based strategies). It’s true, for the Boomer generation it’s a learning curve, and many of us feel like we are riding the puberty wave of technology (you know that awkward – overwhelming feeling you get when you are faced with a new internet based application).  However, it may be a good business exercise to ask, what is it costing you not to ‘engage’? Can we really work “faster, stronger and smarter”?
On a personal level, crossword puzzles and Sudoku’s are good, but the brain relies heavily on patterns (which these mental platforms encourage). As we age, we must look for avenues that present us with more ‘aerobic thinking’ opportunity because those types of learning systems are proven to generate an increase in brain capacity and function. Aren’t we the generation who coined the term, “if you don’t use it, you lose it”?

My real question for you though targets your business and the ability to influence your customer. Do you know what platform your customer is using for information that relates to your industry? Are you positioning your brand so that your primary customer target can easily find you? If you are avoiding social media or an internet platform because you are unwilling to learn the method, you may be losing ground with your customers who are using the internet as an information source.

It’s my goal to keep that muscle that sits between my ears in good shape for as long as I can. How about you? Are you stretching your brain capacity? Can your customer easily find you and your message? I hope you enjoy the video below. At 27, Amber Case is a super communicator and very insightful in the world of cyber technology. I think she makes an interesting case for using technlogy as a solid communication tool for your business and your brain. Please click on the link below.


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