CEO’s really work in the business?

I am not sure I embrace a true entrepreneurial spirit. However, this summer has afforded me the opportunity to learn from consultant pros Ron Simmons and Randy Donaldson while they worked with many fascinating business owners.  Over the past 8 weeks,  I have worked on projects that have broadened my scope of business exposure beyond the classroom.  One observation I have noticed is how many CEO’s are hands on in the day to day operations of their business venture.  This surprised me because I thought that business owners were more hands off, more working behind the scenes than actually working  ‘in’ the middle of the business hub of activity.

A few of the projects I have worked on included the following (these are also efforts that the SBDC consultants are accustomed to offering their clients):

  • Data mined for a store owner who needed to fine tune his marketing effort to more effectively reach his target market.
  • Implemented Social Media and provided training for a prototype TV show based in N. Georgia.  Platforms included Twitter and Facebook.  Skype implementation was used for improved technology conferencing.
  • Researched Risk Management regulations and industry standards for a New Venture in the trucking industry.
  • Created print collateral for an HVAC company
  • Assisted with the effective use of Google Analytics using web based applications by showing the impact and improved market positioning gleaned by using the tool.
  • Assisted with creation and development of a comprehensive social media campaign for the Gainesville Center which covers 13 counties for the GA SBDC Network.

It’s time to go back to school and complete my degree (this is my final year at UGA).  I look forward to seeing friends and I really like my area of study in Management Information Systems.  My time at the SBDC has been educational. I hope  to one day help others in business in a way that mimics the expertise of Ron and Randy.

Cory Eden/Intern


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